XDP Express Contact Number: 0843 178 2222

To reach the XDP Express Customer Service team, you can call 0843 178 2222.

In a big and busy European country like the UK, courier and logistical services are needed for both home and business purposes. For home delivery services, a fast and reliable courier service such as XDP Express is perfect. Their services also provide for the needs of small businesses like online sellers and merchants or even small and medium-sized brick-and-mortar businesses that require frequent delivery and shipment services done.

XDP Express is the leading private parcel delivery company operating in the UK. With more than 20 years under their belt, they have developed a system that allows them to create a reputation as being one of the most reliable. One thing that distinguishes them from their competition is that they employ a manual sorting method instead of an automated one. This makes them more flexible and more suited to carry more fragile deliveries.

Phone XDP Express

If you’re an XDP Express customer and would like to enquire about their services or a delivery that you  have made with them, then you can call their customer service team on 0843 178 2222.

XDP Express Online Tracking

They also remind you that if you’re a consignee or the recipient of a parcel, then you should be in contact with the recipient and not with them. Though, you can also track a parcel by using their parcel tracking interface here: http://www.xdp.co.uk/track.php

You just need the consignment number and the delivery or collect post code.

Email XDP

If you prefer not to call them, then you can still get information from their Birmingham office by sending them an email on: myparcel@xdp.co.uk

If you’re interested in becoming their customer, then you can send your enquiries to their Sales Team by emailing them on: sales@xdp.co.uk

If you already have an account with them and would like to manage it or enquire about anything related to your account, then email them on: accounts@xdp.co.uk

If you require technical services, then you can email the XDP Technical Team on: technical@xdp.co.uk