Sky TV Contact Number: 0344 241 1653

For assistance with your Sky TV issues, contact the Sky TV (free) phone number:  0344 241 1653. This number is free for Sky Talk subscribers.

For all your home or business entertainment needs, you can get a subscription from Sky TV. The telecoms giant Sky offers TV, broadband and phone services that are perfect for both home and business customers. As one of the largest entertainment companies operating in the UK area, they are a clear market leader with operations that expand to reach Italy and even Germany.

With Sky, you can also get the best value for your money by taking advantage of their Sky bundles. You can save money by taking them up on their offer on Sky TV, Sky Talk and Sky Broadband. It’s also very convenient to know that you can also make your very own custom package by choosing the right Sky channels that fit your viewing habits. If you’re into sports, get Sky Sports. If you want to watch the latest primetime series, then get Sky 1. If you want great movies, then get Sky Movies.

Call Sky TV

If you’re having problems with your Sky TV service, then you can call them on the Sky TV (free) number: 0344 241 1653. This number is free for subscribers using the Sky Talk line.

If you’re using another network to call, then this number is charged the same as with any other 01 or 02 number. You can also call them up on this number if you require information regarding your Sky TV account and subscription or any other information regarding Sky TV’s service.

If you want to subscribe to Sky TV or if you want to upgrade your current subscription, then don’t hesitate to call the Sky TV contact number 08442 411 653. like the (03) number, this number is free for Sky Talk subscribers.

If you would like to downgrade instead, then call them on 0344 241 0266.

If you would like to flat-out cancel your Sky TV, then call them on 0333 202 2135.

Sky TV via the Web

If you’re a customer and would like to learn more about their offers and their services, then you can visit their automated help centre here:

This serves as their FAQs page where you’ll be able to gain access to very helpful literature on Sky.

If you prefer to correspond with their live customer service representatives, then you can do so by using the following contact information.