Papa John’s Contact Number: 0193 256 8000

Phone the Papa John’s head office on 0193 256 8000 to talk about their pizza, or offer feedback about a restaurant.

You can find individual restaurant numbers by checking out Papa Johns’ online store directory, or checking the list below.

Papa John’s Pizza is an American Favourite. It was founded in 1984 and has since grown to become the third largest delivery and take-out pizza chain in the world. It has extensive operations in the UK, operating 300 stores all to fulfil the promise of ‘Better Pizza’. By using better ingredients, they are able to make better dough and have better toppings.

They also make it a point to offer better service for their customers. They are now even accepting payment through paypal to make the overall experience of ordering pizza from them more convenient and much better. They also always have great value deals for their pizzas, which is always a plus. They also have a guarantee that puts their pizzas where their metaphorical mouths are. If any customer is not satisfied with their pizza, then Papa John’s will deliver one for free.

Phone a Papa John’s Restaurant

Some of the eateries and their corresponding phone numbers are as follows:

  • Bannbury – 0129 570 1212
  • Battersea – 0207 350 0222
  • Chichester – 0124 353 3338
  • Corby – 0153 626 1010
  • Gatesehead – 0191 487 6003
  • Harlow – 0127 945 1451
  • London – Wimbledon – 0208 417 0000
  • Manchester -Central – 0161 228 7575
  • Oxford – Rosehill – 0186 540 2050
  • Plymouth Woolwell – 0175 269 6939
  • Salisbury – 0172 233 4344

Email Papa Johns

If you want to send an enquiry or feedback about Papa Johns pizza, or a restaurant you ate in, write to:

For issues with ordering pizza on the Papa John’s website, write to:

Papa Johns on the Web

If you want to contact your local Papa John’s store to get your Quality Guarantee free pizza, then you can use their store directory here:

Just use the drop-down menu found at the centre of the page to select the local store where you purchased your pizza.

If any of the local store can’t resolve the issue, then you can contact the head office here:

This is the Papa John’s online complaints form and they promise to give you a reply and a resolution within five working days.