Npower Contact Number: 0800 073 3000

To contact the Npower customer service freephone number, call 0800 073 3000 – to discuss your energy supply or bill.

Npower is the UK arm of the German energy supplier and distributor, RWE. It was once known as Innogy but has been renamed after the RWE acquisition in 2002. Npower is considered as one of the biggest utilities companies in the UK, being named as one of the Big 6.

Npower supplies power from a variety of sources. They have stations that are powered by gas, coal and oil-fired. They provide services to both home and business consumers. Aside from gas and electricity, Npower also offers home repair and maintenance services for central heating and boilers.

Npower via the Phone

If you have questions about their electricity and gas services, then you can call them up on their Npower(free) customer service number on 0800 073 3000 from any landline or mobile.

You can also call them on 0330 100 3000 if you’re calling from a mobile. You can also use this number to enquire about billing and payments.

If you want to contact them because your tariff is almost up, then call them up on 0800 316 9044 or 0330 100 8634.

If you want to contact Npower for their boiler and heating services, or for some servicing or repair, then call them on 0800 980 3650.

Npower Online

If you’re a customer of Npower and would like to learn more about their services, then you can try and browse their FAQs here:

Just select which topic is relevant to your queries under the ‘What can we help you with today?’ header.

If you prefer to correspond with their customer support team personally, then you can use the live chat option found at the bottom right part of this page:

Clicking on the tab opens up a chat interface where you’ll be able to ask an Npower representative your questions and get immediate answers.